The Gift Of Time

How can we stop wasting a single minute in our day?

Time is flying by and now that I have little humans running around the house it feels to be moving at the speed of a bullet. 

So how do we optimize our time? How do we make every minute count? How can we stop wasting a single minute in our day?

Many articles, philosophies, methods & strategies have been written about this subject as the same counts for all us human beings. We all have just 24 hours a day. Exactly the same amount of time for every single one of us. So the question remains, ‘How can we make every minute count’?

Here are a few of my go-to strategies:

1. Understanding our time wasters - Think mindless Netflix binging, checking out Instagram, reading irrelevant news articles,… . First we need to become aware of where we are wasting our precious time so we can then start to eliminate and replace this time doing something meaningful. Organize a get together with friends, go dancing, cook a nourishing meal, the possibilities are infinite. 

2. Know your goals - Whether your goal is in 1 month, 1 year, 5 years or 20 years from now make sure you know what they are and write it down! Don't allow these grant visions to just live inside your head and take the first step to bring them to fruition by writing out every single goal. Now that you know your goals make sure that you spend the majority of these precious 24 hours working towards achieving them. 

3. Be Present - The method for being present is fairly simple, but it’s the practice that matters most. Here’s how to do it: whatever you’re doing, right now, learn to focus completely on doing that one thing. Pay attention: to every aspect of what you’re doing, to your body, to the sensations, to your thoughts. you are not trying to force all other thoughts from your mind. But by becoming aware of that jumping around in your thoughts, you have found the tool for gently bringing yourself back to your present task. Do this once, then do it again. Don’t worry about how many times you must do it. Just do it now.

What other strategies do you apply to your life to make sure you are optimizing these precious 24 hours a day? Share them here with us!

Love to you all 🌞


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