Maximize Your Stores of Motivation + A Simple Mood-Boosting Ritual

Good Morning, friends!

I hope you're well! While I absolutely adore summer, I also love the crisp Back to School Energy of September. While working on the last pieces of the kids' autumn term puzzle this week, I’ve been feeling the strong surge to give those 2021 ambitions a serious boost. With just 4 months left to crush these goals, it's about time for some kick-ass action. Isn't it!?

This week:

  • 💡 How to maximize your stores of motivation and push forward.

  • 🧘🏽‍♀️ A Daily Practice For Boosting Your Energy

  • 🧠 Quote I’m pondering on

💡 Goals don't work unless you do ~

By now you probably know exactly what you want to achieve by the end of this year, you have a clear mental picture of what it will look like to achieve this, and perhaps you're proudly staring at your massive action plan as you're reading this.

But where I find most of us to get stuck is a loss of motivation that can rapidly derail our progress. And goals without motivation have no meaning. That's when procrastination tends to take over and problems keep lingering.

So how do you stay motivated? How do you push through the pains? How do you move away from immediate gains to pursue long-term glory?

Our greatest untapped resource may be our own motivation.

While it’s impossible to expect your motivation levels to remain at 100% all the time, there are things you can do to maximize your stores of motivation and push forward.

  1. Find Your Good Reasons

    In our busy, distracting world, it’s easy to get blown off course. This is why you need to ground yourself in your goal. Make a list of all the 'good reasons' you have for achieving your goal. Think in terms of the rewards, the personal gain, achieving a feeling of accomplishment, or that step closer to a bigger goal you have in mind. For extra success, write down your "‘Good Reasons’ List with a pen. Studies show that when we write by hand and connect the letters manually, we engage the brain more actively in the process.

  2. Tweak Your Habits

    Are there any summer habits lingering on that are pulling you back and weakening your motivation? If so, think of behaviors that will help you in your journey upwards and transform them into habits - that way, they don't waste your brain's limited supply of energy.

  3. Avoid Negative Self-Talk At All Costs

    Our inherent tendency for social comparison and society's pursuit of perfection can make our goals seem like a mirage. The fear of failure looms large in our minds, sabotaging our motivation to move ahead. But there's a solution! Research has shown that being kind to ourselves gives us the strength to face our fears, both real and imagined. Placing your hand on your chest and reassuring yourself with a few kind words can go a long way towards grounding you in the moment and stopping the inner critic right in its tracks.

  4. Get The Help You Need

    It doesn’t necessarily take a village, but even if you could theoretically accomplish your objective alone, there’s inherent value in sharing your plan. Announcing your intentions sends a strong message to the world and, more important, to your unconscious mind, which can sometimes sabotage our best efforts.

So what keeps you motivated? I'd love to hear from you!

🧠 Putting it all in perspective ~

Probably one of my favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama

Yes, taking time for balance and taking time to smell the flowers is a very important part of being the best person you can be and a key ingredient in achieving success.

🧘🏽‍♀️ How To Boost Your Mood ~

Many of us have experienced feelings of being overwhelmed by our thoughts, emotions, and the sensations around us. I have found this energizing breathwork practice to be a game-changer. It's is a potent practice that brings a rejuvenating feeling, which is useful for when you need that mood-booster. It’s simple but can be effectively used every day.


Place two hands on your lower belly and exhale completely, really focusing on your belly. Start with an inhale, then take a powerful and forceful breath out, drawing the navel in towards your spine. Allow the inhale to fill your lungs and belly as a natural response to the exhalation. Start slowly and find a comfortable rhythm; when you’re ready, begin to increase the speed of your breaths for a more clarifying effect. Set a timer for 30 seconds to a minute, and repeat two to three times. When you’re done, allow a cleansing round of breath to wash over you.

Eyes Forward. Mind Focused. Heart Ready. Game On, World!

Sending so much love your way. Thank you for being here. 🤗

Louise ~